Somatic Psychotherapy

We all have places in our life where we get stuck. Working together, we will identify those places and find ways for you to overcome them.

I bet you have experienced “gut feelings” or pain in an area of your body that you can’t make sense of, right? Ever noticed how your breathing changes when you are stressed? What about carrying tension in certain parts of your body, such as stiffness in your shoulders or tension in your jaw when angry? We often push these things away and keep going on with life, but they add up over time and can leave us feeling stuck or sick. Somatic psychotherapy uses these bodily signals as a way to access emotions and energy without necessarily having to go into a great amount of personal historical detail or re-traumatization.

I like helping people get relief as quickly and efficiently as possible. I like helping people find solutions, make plans for their futures, and help them follow through. I have found psychotherapy with a Somatic (Mind-Body) focus to be the best practice to achieve these ends.

I use a wide array of techniques and tools garnered from many years of personal and professional experiences in many disciplines, including, but not limited to: Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Coaching, Somatic theories and practices learned during my 3 year Masters Program at JFKU, Mind-Body tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)/Tapping, Focusing, Mindfulness, breath awareness, yoga and many more.  

Somatic Psychotherapy and wellness involves the whole self: intellectual, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual. Gesture, posture, breathing, and the ways we hold ourselves all give us information. So do our thoughts, memories, and words. When we pay attention to and join these elements, really powerful stuff happens! By bringing attention to the body, being aware of our breathing, posture, and internal experience, the body becomes a resource rather than the shell we move around the world in.

Sound like something you would like to explore?

Contact my office to see how a somatic approach can help you befriend your body and create and sustain change in your life!