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O'Brien helped me when I was really struggling with some deep-seated anxiety. Her guidance on tapping and self-talk are tools I use often. She is passionate about life. I love that she remembers to check in on me throughout the week. She also encourages me to think about ways to make healthy choices with my eating to pair with my mental health. I love the holistic approach and really appreciate having someone to lean on. 

Jimi S.

O'Brien is a highly skilled and immensely compassionate person, whom I have had the privilege of knowing for many years. She introduced me to EFT recently, as a tool for dealing with the acute stress of the prospect of COVID-19 in my life. She explained the basics simply and clearly. 

Moments after I first began tapping, I began to experience relief and the challenges of navigating life in this new reality became tolerable.  Now I tap every day, several times a day and can't imagine my life without it. Thank you, O'Brien!  You're a lifesaver!

Etai N.

I have had the honor of working directly with O’Brien as well as observing her work with others using EFT. In all of those experiences, she demonstrated a solid knowledge of the techniques she shared while also providing a supportive space for people to move through difficult thoughts and emotions. I found her practice to be skillful, intuitive, and genuine.

Jillian K.


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